Twitter Deleted All The Homepage Backgrounds, And People Are Going Nuts

Twitter replaced the customized designs on timelines and profiles pages with all-white backgrounds.

According to Mashable, the social network confirmed on Monday every single Twitter user will now only see white when he or she accesses his or her homepage, notifications and timeline, although it's not clear why.

A Twitter spokesperson reportedly said,

We're removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages). You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it's visible on Twitter here.

"Tweet pages" refer to individual tweets, and "list pages" refer to when a single user creates a list of tweets posted by a series of users.

The newly-available "collection pages" advertise new products from certain companies.

But aside from those pages, it doesn't seem like there's any way to change the background of the main notification timeline or profile.

The Twitterverse is upset for several reasons, mostly because of the effect the background is having on its already-fragile eyesight.

You'd think that people working in IT would KNOW that a #WhiteBackground is a terrible choice of hue; eyes tire faster that way. #Plonkers — Drusilla de Lanor (@drusilladelanor) July 21, 2015
Like the high beamed vehicles on Indian roads weren't blinding enough. #BlindingWhite — Aishwarya Selvan (@acerbicpiscean) July 21, 2015
Hey @twitter can I have some sunshades to spare me the glare of your new whiteout background please? TIA #blindingwhite — Peter Palladas (@PeterPalladas) July 21, 2015

Others quickly got the impression the new backgrounds were put in place solely because it would make ads stand out better.

Don't think we need to worry too long about ugly #blindingwhite background on Twitter, as I suspect it will soon be filled with blinding ads — mg81992 (@mg81992) July 21, 2015
Although I don't really mind this #blindingwhite background, I'm a tad suspicious it will soon be filled with display ads.. — Rory Donnelly (@RozzaDonnelly) July 21, 2015
Here come the profile ads. #blindingwhite #twitter — Karl Elsbeth Huggle- (@karu1402) July 21, 2015

It appears that much like their profiles, users now feel gravely incomplete.

Why would I want #blindingwhite, I chose my b.ground specifically, they cheer me up. Why must you interfere @twitter — Midge Tremayne (@pariswheels) July 21, 2015
I've always had it white but now it seems it's a different white, i'm outraged and I don't think I want to live anymore. #blindingwhite — Baal Zebúl (@lordofekron) July 21, 2015

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