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Twitter Is Exploring A Way To Let You “Unmention” Yourself From Twitter Threads

Opt out of the endless replies with the tap of a button.

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Twitter is exploring a feature that would let you opt out of being a part of a conversation. If you’ve ever wanted to remove yourself from a thread you’ve been tagged in, Twitter’s “unmention” early concept promises to do that for you with none of the fuss of having to block or mute your fellow Twitter users. Here’s how it works.

On June 14, Twitter designer Dominic Camozzi gave users a look at an early concept the app is trying out, which would effectively let you exclude yourself from conversations and reply threads that you want no part of. ICYMI, Twitter users currently have to mute or block participants, or ask them in the thread to stop @mentioning them, if they want to do this. In a series of screenshots, Camozzi gave users a look at how Twitter would let you take yourself out of an unwanted conversation and, if you wanted, make you “unmentionable.”

Keep in mind that this is a just an early concept (so it’s not a test), and the Twitter team is still working on the specifics of how this will all work if it were to ever roll out to the general public. As for how the early concept works, Camozzi’s screenshots show that if you’ve been mentioned in a tweet, you’ll get a notification with the option to “unmention yourself from this conversation.” If you tap that option, the link to your profile will be removed.

In addition to the ability to unmention yourself from a specific thread, the early concept allows a user to restrict certain accounts from mentioning you by going to your Settings and choosing that option. In addition, if someone you don’t follow mentions you and you then choose to unmention yourself, they won’t be able to mention you again.

If you aren’t in the mood to engage with anyone on Twitter, this “unmention” concept would allow you to go to your Settings to prevent anyone from mentioning you for either one day, three days, or a week.

Keep in mind that this feature is still in the very early concept phase, and Camozzi said in his tweets that feedback is not only invited, but it’s wanted at this stage. It’s unclear the future of “unmention” is, but here’s hoping the early concept phase bodes well for a possible rollout.

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