People are sharing so many tweets and memes about the Yeezy slides.

New Yeezy Slides Are Here, And People Think They Look Like Anything But Shoes

LMAO, the circus peanuts really got me.

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On Monday, June 21, Kanye West made waves online with the highly-anticipated drop of his popular Adidas Yeezy slides in a few new colors. The rapper-turned-designer is no stranger to courting controversy (and serious hype) with his unique designs, and unsurprisingly, his latest footwear collection has the internet ~divided~ over an especially bright new color as well as the shoe’s distinctive aesthetic with serrated soles and seamless rubber body. While the collection sold out quickly online, there were still so many tweets and memes about Yeezy Slides that were full-on roasting the rubber slippers.

Shortly after the collection was officially released early on June 21, Yeezy fans took to Twitter to bemoan how hard it was to get a hold of the Adidas slides (which were stocked in the colors Enflame Orange, Pure, and Resin) at retail prices. While the Yeezy head-turning collection generated serious hype on social media and had numerous stans up early to try to get in on the initial drop, both fans and critics alike couldn’t help but hilariously compare the bright orange rubber slides to a number of weird objects, from athletic foam rollers and Polly Pocket shoes to the shower sandals you’d find at a prison (yikes). Whether or not you’re a fan of the look of these sandals, most of the tweets roasting its design and color were hilariously spot-on.

Of course, there were plenty of people hype for the drop, and it was suggested that perhaps the memes came from a place of major FOMO.

Major frustrations arose as the $60 shoes got snapped up quickly.

If you missed the morning drop on June 21, chances are you’re out of luck at scoring the originally $60 Adidas Yeezy slides without dropping a couple hundred dollars on resale prices — at least until another restock is announced. However, with West’s highly-anticipated collection with Gap expected to launch sometime in June 2021, it’s likely that Yeezy fans will have a lot more coveted (and contentious) footwear and clothing items to look forward to in just a few days. In short, it’s only a matter of time before fans find more looks to roast on Twitter, so stay tuned for more hilarious commentary.

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