"Why Trump Blocked Me" Hashtag Is Roasting Donald Trump On Twitter

by Lilli Petersen
Scott Olson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump, as we all know, is a prolific tweeter. He's done everything from defend his children to attack CNN to upend military protocol via his favorite social media platform. The one thing he doesn't like to do via Twitter? Take criticism. Trump's known for frequently blocking people who call him out, and now, the internet is roasting him with the Why Trump Blocked Me hashtag on Twitter for having such thin skin.

The hashtag, which took off on Sept. 2, is bringing the jokes about the reasons why Trump might block someone on Twitter, whether it's weighing in on the Korea crisis or bad puns about Russia. And there's plenty of examples: Trump's blocked a number of notable critics and celebrities, from author Stephen King to rival Twitter maestro Chrissy Teigen. The blocked list is diverse — also included in that not-very-elite club are Star Trek: TNG actress Marina Sirtis, Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer Bess Kalb, Honest Trailers creator Andy Signore (who has the honor of having been blocked on the basis of a lone tweet), and songwriter/organizer Holly O'Reilly. Also also on the list?, an anti-war veteran's group, and literal opposition organization The Opposition.

Ironically enough, the blocks are legally debatable. Trump's status as the president means that silencing critical speech by blocking people on Twitter can potentially be interpreted as a violation of the right to free speech. A group of seven people are already suing Trump for violating their First Amendment rights by blocking them, arguing that Trump's block restricts their participation in a public forum, their ability to access public statements Trump might make (he does tweet about policy pretty often), and infringes on their right to petition the government about grievances, according to The Washington Post.

In the meantime? Twitter is coming at Trump where it hurts.

The jokes about Trump's reasons for blocking people are real zingers. Hey, he can't block everyone. Who would @ him then?

Burn, dude.

And of course, there were some who felt awfully left out of the conversation — because Trump hadn't blocked them.

Maybe it's a modern badge of honor?

It's probably only a matter of time. He can't block everyone all at once, after all.