Misty K. Snow

This Woman Became The First Transgender Person To Run For US Senate

Utah voters have made a historic decision in picking the largely unknown Misty K. Snow as their Democratic candidate to oppose Senator Mike Lee in the upcoming election this November.

What is so historic about Misty, you ask? Well, she will be the first transgender nominee to run for a U.S. senate seat on behalf of a major party.

She also shares the historical honor of being the first transgender person to run for Congress along with Misty Plowright (yes, they are both transgender women in politics named Misty), who was nominated for Colorado's conservative 5th House District on Tuesday.

Snow, who began living openly as a woman in October 2014, believes that her rare status as a transgender person in U.S. politics will draw attention and, hopefully, money towards her campaign. That being said, her gender has not played a huge role in her campaign platform.

Misty believes that she snagged the nomination by really focusing on issues that "Democrats care about." Her campaign, modeled largely around that of Sen. Bernie Sanders, calls for a higher minimum wage of $15 per hour, free or reduced higher education, criminal justice reform, paid family leave and legalized marijuana.

Her ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life in Utah for working class people like herself. Though she is trying to become a federal lawmaker, Misty is currently employed at Harmons Grocery and did not attend college. Her decision to forgo a college education was due, in part, to the fact that she wasn't sure of what career path she wanted to pursue but, also, because of the cost.

Another pillar of Snow's campaign is an aggressive challenge to the ultra-conservative Senator Mike Lee, who she calls "loathsome." Despite the fact that both polls and national political handicappers predict Utah's Senate seat to remain in GOP control, Snow believes that what she's doing is still important.

In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, Misty expressed, "A lot of people have told me whether I win or lose, I'm already making a difference just by running."

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