How to get and use TikTok's "Adopt Me" celeb parents filter.

This Viral TikTok Filter Matches You With Your Celeb “Parents”

Lizzo didn’t even get herself!

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Your most recent TikTok scrolls have probably led you to see more than a few videos using the “Please Adopt Me” filter. In the videos, TikTokers find out who their celebrity “parents” are, which it seems is supposed to correlate to famous people you might resemble in your face — but it’s unclear how ~advanced~ the technology is. Odds are it just matches you with two random names, but hey, if you think they fit, then that’s even better. Users have been getting a kick out of the look-alike game, which is likely why the filter has been used in over 182,000 videos as of Jan. 19. To join in on the fun, here’s how to get and use TikTok’s “Adopt Me” celebrity parents filter.

The Please Adopt Me effect was created by digital artist Allan Gregorio. It places an AR spiky, purple cloud above your head that reads, “Who Are My Parents?” When you play with it, the thought bubble scrolls through a long list of A-listers until it lands on the two celebs you look most similar to — again, it’s not clear how accurate these results are in terms of actual, you know, science. From there, TikTokers use FaceApp and combine two photos of their celeb “parents” to see how accurate the filter really is.

Some of the most popular Adopt Me TikToks include a mash up of Doja Cat and Bruno Mars, Jackie Chan and Charli D’Amelio, and Timothée Chalamet and Lady Gaga. Even Lizzo joined in on the trend, though she didn’t quite get the result she expected, with Britney Spears and Ariana Grande showing up as her ‘rents.


The filter is super simple to use, so if you finally want to get to the bottom of who your celebrity doppelgängers are, this is your chance.

How To Get The “Please Adopt Me” Effect On TikTok:

To find the filter, open your TikTok app and navigate to the Discover tab. In the search bar, type in “Please Adopt Me.” At the top of the results page, you’ll see “Please Adopt Me” in capital letters under Effects. Tap on the name, then tap “Add to Favorites” on the top of the page to save the effect so you can access it whenever you want.


How To Use The “Please Adopt Me” Effect On TikTok:

When you navigate to the Adopt Me page, you’ll see a long list of TikToks that have used the effect in the past. You can access it from these TikToks or tap “Try this effect” at the bottom of the screen. You can also open the effect directly from the results page by tapping on the red camera button next to the “Please Adopt Me” logo.


Once you’ve opened the effect, you’ll need to put the camera on front facing mode. When you press the red record button, the filter will start rolling through names until it lands on your “parents.” And here’s a little piece of advice from someone who literally just updated her phone for the first time last night: The effect probably won’t work if you’re using a super outdated version of iOS, like iOS 13, so make sure your phone’s operating system is up-to-date.


Morph Your Celeb “Parents” On FaceApp:

Happy with your results, or just curious to see how it came about, do what the other TikTokers are doing and morph the results on FaceApp. Open the app and tap on “Celebrities.” From there, search the first celebrity, tap on photo, and then tap “Use” at the bottom. From there, scroll the options at the bottom of your screen, and tap on “Face Swap.” Then, choose “Morphing.” You’ll be asked to “Select morphing partner,” and you can then tap “Find celebrity” to put in your second celeb result. Find them, tap “Use,” and then the morph will appear in a few seconds.

From there, you can swap to make the second celeb first and see a totally different result. Save the photo for fun or share it in your TikTok to see how accurate the results are. Though it might not always be exact (sorry Lizzo), the Please Adopt Me filter is definitely a fun trend worth jumping on before the craze fizzles out.