People Everywhere Are Showing Love For Their Thighs With #ThighReading

by Gillian Fuller

Instagram may have blocked #curvy, but all bodies are fair game on Twitter where #ThighReading took over as the body-positive hashtag of the week.

Launched by user @princess_labia on July 20,  #ThighReading encourages people to embrace their stretch marks, scars and freckles by posting photos of their thighs to social media.

The campaign immediately gained traction, and dozens of women posted their own variations of @princess_labia's original.

Along with the photos come inspiring captions celebrating the beauty, strength and utility of strong thighs.

Check it out below.

The original, posted by @princess_labia, has more than 300 favorites on Twitter.

palm readings <<<< thigh readings — EMO SLUT (@princess_labia) July 20, 2015

After posting the photo, @princess_labia called for other Twitter users to share their own #ThighReading pics.

show me ur #thighreading — EMO SLUT (@princess_labia) July 20, 2015

Dozens of confident people jumped on the bandwagon.

#thighreading I have loads of stretch marks, but they're still beautiful I'm a work of art & so are you #bodyposi — frankie loves louis (@PUNKAFHALSEY) July 21, 2015

They're sharing pictures of their thighs…

stretch marks from my eating disorder, they hold the strength it took to survive #Thighreading — bagelprincess (@bagelprincess) July 21, 2015

Stretch marks…

need tags like #thighreading bc it took lots of self control to not filter out my stretch marks — dog puke (@lastnitescoffee) July 23, 2015

Freckles and scars…

@princess_labia self harm scars almost completely faded, my #thighreading sees a bright future for myself — Vault-Girl Courtney (@ScotiaSiren) July 23, 2015

...and it's beautiful.

this weeks attempt at body positivity chubby pink legs ft. scars, stretch marks & freckles #thighreading — sadie (@ssadiemaud) July 22, 2015

#ThighReading even went international.

@princess_labia In my pijies. Here are my thunder thighs w/ a birthmark and burn scar on the left. #thighreading — Hadriana De Madiana (@HadrianaBubble) July 23, 2015

The hashtag is about more than the photos, though.

.@princess_labia #thighreading faded self harm scars and healthy bruises — emma stone (@_Jess_ica) July 23, 2015

It's about reminding people they're beautiful...

LOVE UR CUTE BODIES #thighreading — emma (@ohsol0vely_) July 23, 2015

...and their bodies are strong, powerful and incredible.

#thighreading look at these beauty marks I love them more than anything (even if it's hard) — LITA (@tatlany) July 24, 2015

Loving ourselves is something we should all feel comfortable doing.

own the body uve grown into, stardust & trees have worked hard for you to be alive respect your parents #thighreading — Taliana Spears (@babyducks4lunch) July 23, 2015

Flaunt your thighs on Twitter -- battle scars and all -- with #ThighReading.

#thighreading it's okay to have stretch marks and cellulite; everyone does #idontscareasily #lightningbolts — nicoteen (@xslutever) July 23, 2015

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