Look Out Misogynists, The United State Of Women Is Coming To Rock Your World

The United State of Women on YouTube

In a little over a week, First Lady Michelle Obama will be hosting the first ever United State of Women Summit, an event intended to celebrate the achievements women have made while confronting the challenges we still face.

In an Instagram post advertising the summit, Michelle Obama wrote,

We stand side-by-side with incredible women who are leveling the playing field around the world—from the silver screen to the sports arena, from non-profits to the financial sector, from the runway to the White House. Now we turn to ask you to stand with us too.

Backed by powerhouses like Oprah, Kerry Washington, Tina Fey and Meryl Streep, the United State of Women aims to get the word out about inequalities in the workplace, legal double standards and the silent oppressors that affect a woman's everyday life.

On their website, you can pledge to take a stand by owning your womanhood and defending equal rights. Using their Pledge Generator, you can attach a powerful phrase to your own picture and share it to social media. Among the pre-written pledges, you can pronounce to "Be in charge of my own body. Every powerful part." or "Learn whatever I want like it's nobody's business." Or you can craft your own.

This summit marks a powerful step in the march toward gender equality. In a video released Monday, the all-star cast echoes one powerful line,

We are the United State of Women, and when we do better, everyone does better.

In light of Donald Trump actively promoting the oppression of women and a convicted rapist effectively getting a slap on the wrist, we need the United State of Women more than ever. Seeing as it's 2016, this country should finally grant women the definitive control of their own bodies and actively protect that natural right.

The summit will be held on June 14 in Washington, DC. You can watch the video above and join the movement by visiting their website.

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