Teen Fatally Shot On College Campus After Fight Starts Over A Dice Game

A dice game at Tennessee State University reportedly left one dead and two others injured last night.

According to The Washington Post, the shooting took place after an argument related to the game, held at an on-campus courtyard, erupted in a fist fight.

A 19-year-old male was killed and three female students described as passersby were hit by the shooter, who fled the scene immediately after and may or may not be enrolled at the school.

The deceased, who was not a student at the Nashville school, was shot in the head.

TSU said in a statement the deceased "exchanged gunfire" with the shooter before his death, CBS News reports.

Medical treatment wasn't necessary for one of the women because she was only grazed by a bullet, but the other two were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. One of those two was released shortly after, and the other is on track to a full recovery after being reported to be in stable condition.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said,

We do not believe this was an incidence of a random shooter on campus. This was an isolated incident resulting from a dispute over a dice game. The Nashville Police Department believes this campus is safe.

Numerous students apparently recorded the fight on their phones before running away when the gunfire began.

Police are urging those students to come forward to assist their search for the shooter, who is still at large.

The campus was put on lockdown the following morning, but police may have ended the lockdown after finishing the investigation of the crime scene.

Just one week prior to last night's shooting, three people were wounded in a shooting occurring at an off-campus party close to TSU.

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