Teen's Suicide Gets Live-Streamed On Facebook

Not too long ago, we told you about the heartbreaking story of 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis, who who live-streamed her suicide on Facebook.

Now many are mourning the loss of another young girl who also captured the last moments of her life on Facebook Live.

According to police, Nakia Venant, a 14-year-old foster child from Florida, live-streamed her suicide on Facebook on January 22.

An incident report from the state's Department of Children and Families alleges Venant filmed herself on Facebook Live as she used a scarf to tie a noose and proceeded to hang herself from the bathroom door of her Miami home shortly after 3 am.


A friend of Venant called police to report the two-hour live-stream, however, attempts to save the girl went horribly wrong when cops showed up at the wrong house, Miami Herald reports.

After emergency responders rushed to the Miami residence, they discovered the friend had provided authorities with the wrong address.

They later arrived at Venant's home, where they found the girl hanging in the bathroom. Paramedics rushed Vaenant to a nearby hospital, where the teen was pronounced dead.

Gerta Telfort, one of Vaenant's good friends, says Venant was a good student who had a great deal of charisma.

According to Telfort, Venant, who was a eighth grader at Young Women's Preparatory Academy, had plans to write a book one day and start a daily journal.

The reason why Venant was placed in foster care is still unknown. A woman who claimed to be Venant's mother, commented on the now-deleted Facebook page, writing, “I was showing you tough love when you misbehaved.”

While it has not officially been confirmed that the teen used Facebook to live-stream her suicide, a Facebook spokesperson, Christine Chen, stated, the social media platform tries to interrupt livestreams that violate community standards “as quickly as possible.”

Chen told Miami Herald, “We also suggest people contact law enforcement or emergency services themselves if they become aware of something where the authorities can help."

The spokesperson for Miami Gardens police has yet to comment on the tragic incident.

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