Girl Has Savage Reply To Teen Who Jumped Into Croc-Infested Water For A Date


Ah, young love.

Blind infatuation can make you do some really dumb stuff, and if you need proof, meet 18-year-old Lee De Paauw from Queensland, Australia.

The teenager nearly lost his left arm when he jumped into croc-infested waters and got into a fight with a massive crocodile — all to impress a girl.

Of course.


Lee was trying to score a date with 24-year-old Sophie Paterson, a British traveler who was visiting Queensland.

Regardless of whether his actions were a result of pure bravery or utter stupidity, Paterson wasn't impressed, telling the Fitzy and Wippa radio show,

Being attacked by animals doesn't really do it for me.

The pair was having drinks by the Johnstone River when the backpacker dared the teen to jump into the river.

He did — but encountered the 13-foot croc that bit him in the arm and tried to drown him in a “death roll.”

Amazingly, Lee punched the animal in the face twice before escaping the water. Speaking to the radio show from his hospital bed, he said,

I was about to pull myself back up when the croc grabbed my arm and dragged me back out and started rolling me. I hit it in the nose and it loosened its grip. I got another hit in and it was right in its eye. It dropped me then.

Lee told the show his terrifying near-death experience would be worth it if Paterson went on a date with him, proving once and for all that teenage boys will do anything to get laid.

But she declined, saying he is “too young” for her and adding the pair have no chemistry. Ouch.

She told The Courier Mail,

He was talking about the local creek saying, 'I can swim out,' and so we said, 'Go on then,' but we didn't think he would do it.

Paramedic Neil Noble said the teen was lucky to survive, describing the crocodile's grip on him as a “death roll.”

Meanwhile, local politician Jason Costigan said there was no need to change the law because “we can't legislate to protect dickheads.”

There's a lot to be learned from this story.

Never do anything that stupid to impress a girl — she probably won't be into it anyway — and if you get into a fight with a croc, punch it in the face.

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