Matthew Borges Charged For Beheading Classmate

A ruthless teenager was charged with first-degree murder on Saturday after allegedly decapitating his classmate, Washington Post reports.

Mathew Borges, 15, was suspected of murdering 16-year-old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino's after his headless body was found floating in a river by a woman walking her dog.


Apparently, Viloria-Paulino was last seen by family members on November 18 at approximately 5:30 pm, according to the Boston Herald.

He allegedly left his grandmother's house and never returned. His family members then reported him as missing until the sickening discovery.

It's been reported after Viloria-Paulino's body was discovered in the river 30 miles north of Boston, Borges -- his classmate and friend -- would be tried as an adult for the murder.

The troubled 15-year-old allegedly told investigators he and Viloria-Paulino went to a spot near the river where many teens his age hung out the day he took action.

There, they reportedly smoked weed together and watched the nearby boat house light up.


Borges then murdered his 16-year-old friend. According to The Boston Globe, he mutilated Viloria-Paulino's body so terribly his autopsy took 11 hours.

According to a police report obtained by WBZ News Radio, a witness allegedly told investigators Borges told him he "did something bad."


Apparently, Borges has declined to discuss his reasoning behind murdering the teenager.

Ivelisse Cornielle, Viloria-Paulino's grandmother, only had good things to say about her grandson.

She spoke in a news conference about Viloria-Paulino, saying,

I can describe him only as a lovely kid that hasn't done nothing bad to no one.

Essex County District Attorney, Jonathan Blodgett, also commented on the murder at a press conference on Saturday and said,

This was a horrific, horrific murder. While it shook the community, we were completely and totally resolved to bring this matter to justice.

It's been reported by Boston Globe the murderer's home was searched on Saturday morning, and he was arrested at 11:00 am.

He is allegedly scheduled to appear in court today.

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