There's Now A Wearable Device That Tells You When You Need To Poop

There's a wearable device for everything these days: Some measure your sleep cycles, some emit perfumes meant to aid in daily activities and one even allows users to charge their phone by masturbating.

The latest, however, is undoubtedly the weirdest.

It's a smart device that tells users when to poop, as if nature's call isn't enough.

Dubbed the D Free, the device works by predicting when a person's next bowel movement will be, taking into account factors such as diet and lifestyle habits.

By pressing the sensor against your stomach, the D Free will actually estimate when you'll need to go. It syncs with an iPhone app for easy poo tracking.

It can also tell the, um, type of bathroom situation that's going to happen and will give you a 10-minute warning if it predicts rough goings.

While it sounds completely ridiculous, we have to admit, it's actually pretty handy, especially for those with medical conditions that normally affect digestion.

And let's be real -- who wouldn't appreciate a 10-minute “impending diarrhea” warning?

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