The Instagram Pictures We All Hate

by Ally Batista

Instagram. Everyone is familiar with it. As of May 1, 2012 it had over 50 million users. We clearly love it, but everyday we hear guys bitching about girl posts that they hate and vice versa.

Here are our top five picks of Instagram pictures that guys and girls hate.


The Nail Picture

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every guy who complained about a nails picture, I wouldd be a millionaire. Girls love posting pictures of their nails because they are proud of the hour they set aside to paint a not-so impressive design on their ring finger, and they know other girls will like it, giving them the exciting “11th like”. Guys hate it because nails they consider nails to be an afterthought. You are lucky to get a guy to keep his nails clean and filed down every few weeks.

The #OOTD Picture

Another picture guys could care less about. Guys want to see you without an outfit on, not a picture of you completely covered up. To them, it doesn’t make you more attractive.  Every girl that guys know own the same kinds of outfits, so it makes no difference to them what you are wearing that day. If they were interested in what girls were wearing on a day-to-day basis, they would wake up during class and pay attention to their surroundings.

The POV Legs Picture

Legs and feet are probably the most unappealing body trait. Having them oiled up lying near a beach or pool does not make them any more attractive. Especially when girls attempt to position their legs in a “model-esque” way. Having beach umbrellas and towels everywhere in the background of the picture doesn’t exactly scream “Sports Illustrated.”

The Sub-Par Food Picture

Food pictures are amongst the most common on Instagram, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are pictures that both sexes truly love. But guys are most irritated when a girl posts a picture of an unimpressive salad or a picture of their Chai Tea from Starbucks. As my friend Chris once said, “Take a pic of a bacon wrapped hotdog with eggs and cheese I’ll care.”

The #TBT Picture

The only time a guy would remotely care about female Throwback Thursday pictures is if they’re in them. Other than that, keep your Throwback Thursday pictures limited to one. Guys need something to keep their attention at all times and a picture of you three years ago when you were a lot hotter than you are now isn’t doing the trick. #tbt should be called thirsty Thursday because everyone is looking for attention.

The "I'm a whore seeking for attention picture"

We get it, you have nothing better to do with your day than worry about how many likes your picture is getting. There is no reason for you to pose in a mirror and take a picture. Not only are you begging for attention but you are also showing the world how insecure you are. Congratulations!


The Alcohol Picture

You drink? Thank god you took a picture of it to let us know. American flag svedka bottle? I’ve seen it before, thanks. Your empty bottle collection at your apartment at school? Oh my goodness you drink so much, we’re all so proud.

The Myspace mirror Picture

No guy should take a selfie. Ever. Mirror picture? I will ruthlessly make fun of you for the rest of my life. I understand you think your muscles are impressive and you put in a lot of work in the gym for that, but showing it off in the mirror with a posed face makes you disgusting. No girl wants a guy who looks at himself in the mirror more than they do.

The Food Picture

The majority of girls don’t eat. Eating salad and sushi for every meal is the new trend amongst girls striving towards anorexia. A guy’s picture of a big juicy burger makes girls exclaim, “Ew, I can’t even look at this, it’ll make me fat.”

The Car Picture

Your ’99 Honda Civic that just got a $12 car wash. We don’t care. A nice car that you found in a parking lot that doesn’t even belong to you? You’re creepy and a wannabe. Your luxury vehicle that was just purchased for you? I’m jealous so I hate you.

The Money Picture

You worked overtime at your job busing tables and you have ten 20-dollar bills. Congratulations, please fan them out on your bed and take a picture of it, and then caption it with a rap lyric. Your not impressing anyone and I don't find that sexy at all.

The bro picture

No one ever wants to see a sausage fest.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images