We're Saved! There’s Finally An App That Lets You Delete Last Night’s Drunk Texts

Have you ever woken up after a night out and realized you randomly texted your ex, whom you swore you’d never talk to again? Or instead of texting “Dan” you texted “Dad,” and you know things are about to get real awkward, real soon?

We’ve all been there, unfortunately. And we’ve probably all frantically Google searched, “how to delete a sent text,” but to no avail.

Partygoers: Our regretful prayers have been answered.

Natalie Bryla, 23, a resident of San Francisco, created an app called Ansa. Essentially, Ansa allows users to delete messages, videos and even full conversations after they’ve been sent.

Similar to Snapchat, the Ansa app has different settings: You can opt for certain messages to be deleted automatically, or you can save conversations and later choose to delete specific messages from both phones.

The app also allows the user to see when messages have been viewed. So, if you manage to spot an incriminating drunk text before the recipient, you can delete it with no repercussions. Genius, right?

The only caveat is that messages can only be deleted if they were sent specifically though the Ansa app. So, if your text-happy self reaches for iMessage, and not Ansa — well, you’re still sh*t outta luck.

Download the app for free in the iTunes store.

H/T: Daily Mail