The Future Is Here: Incredible Robot Chef Can Actually Cook You Dinner

Full disclosure: If left to my own devices, I'd eat cereal for dinner every night just to avoid cooking.

It's not that I'm a bad cook, really -- I'm just lazy.

And if Moley Robotics' newest invention is any indication, I'm not alone.

The aforementioned invention is every lazy girl's (and sci-fi geek's) dream: a robot that cooks.

The chef hat-wearing robot (just kidding; it doesn't wear a hat, but it should) was unveiled yesterday at Hannover Messe, a tech trade show in Germany.

If you're imagining a humanoid-like creation, don't: This robot is (in the most basic terms possible) a stove with arms.

It's not so much that the robot is actually programmed to cook, per se; it learns and replicates the movements a person makes while cooking. And the food is almost identical.

As of now, the robot only knows one recipe: crab bisque. But Moley aims to program 2,000 more into the hardware before releasing the $15,000 robot to the mass market in 2017.

You have two years to save up, starting now.

Check out a video of the spatula-slinging robot up top.

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