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There's A Quantum Theory Suggesting Time Might Be Moving Backward

Brace yourself for a complete and utter mindf*ck.

A bizarre new study suggests the future influences the past and the present.

Simply put, time is much like a "double-headed arrow." In this sense, the past, present and future exist all at once. In other words, there is no beginning or end to time.

It goes without saying the past influences the present and the future is a product of our actions in the present.

Yet, if time is structured in such a way, shouldn't this also mean the future can impact the past and present? Moreover, does this mean our decisions and actions could be influenced by a future version of ourselves?

This was the question of Kater Murch at Washington University, so he came up with an experiment to explore it. The experiment investigated the quantum mechanical properties of single particles, which exist in many parallel states at the same time.

In essence, these particles don't have a definite state or form until they are observed and measured. The very act of measurement is what causes the particle to collapse into a precise or definite state.

Thus, Murch found by knowing the future state of a particle, its past was changed. If this sounds complicated, that's because it is. It suggests future versions of ourselves might be able to influence our pasts.

This means your decisions in the present are a product of your future self influencing your past self.

We're guessing you're feeling a lot like Austin Powers right about now.

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All of this is still theory, but what's remarkable is scientists created devices to measure and observe these complex and delicate quantum systems.

And you thought "Interstellar" was intense. Step up your game, McConaughey.

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