Revolutionary Phone Battery Could Fully Recharge In Just One Minute

I am forever cursing Apple for the laughably horrible battery life of its products.

The iPhone, of course, is the worst offender, but Macs and iPads have pretty bad raps, too.

Thanks to the brilliance of a couple of scientists at Stanford University, however, this frustrating #FirstWorldProblem may soon be a thing of the past.

The researchers developed a new type of rechargeable aluminum battery that has the potential to change tech forever.

First, the most impressive feature is what the researchers call “unprecedented charging times,” reducing the time it takes to fully charge a device from over an hour to just one minute.

It's also cheaper to produce than traditional lithium batteries, better for the environment than alkaline batteries and far more durable than either.

While a conventional rechargeable battery typically lasts through 1,000 charges, the new aluminum prototype can be charged up to 7,500 times before beginning to lose capacity.

Basically, it's a life-changer.

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