The Booty-Shaking 'Twerk Bot' Looks To Change Humanity In This Bizarre Music Video

The new music video for "Never Say Never," a sick electronic jam by Basement Jaxx, chronicles the process scientists would have to undergo to create a realistic robot that could twerk with the same butt-jiggling intensity as a real human.

Researchers in the brilliant yet bizarre video study the movements of real human twerkers in order to emulate the same thrusting in the Twerk Bot 1.0. Other research in the video involves smacking a booty or two and watching a girl shake her ass.

This is science of the future.

You can sync the fictional Twerk Bot 1.0 with your favorite songs and teach it new moves.

No word yet on whether or not this invention will actually come about in the near future, but with the onset of robot technologies, there's no reason why it wouldn't.

H/T: Gizmodo