Introducing 'Anaface,' A Website That Tells You Whether You're Ugly Or Not

This is either the creepiest and cruelest or most brilliant app ever invented. I refuse to offer a final judgment until I try it myself. If it lowballs me, clearly it's junk (...right?)

Introducing, the website that pulls data points and plays on an algorithm to ultimately spit out a beauty score ranging from one to 10.

This is basically the beefed up, modernized version of, if we subtract the human element and define attractiveness programmatically. There's nothing sexier than automation and, of course, no sexier sector than science and technology.

Pandering aside, you can test out the tech and decide for yourself here. But before you do, please know that you're all far too handsome and pretty for a computer to tell you otherwise.

H/T: BroBible, Photos Courtesy: AnaFace