Google's Creepy New Feature Lets You See Everything You Ever Searched

Google recently rolled out a new feature that has people talking.

What started as an experiment last year is now a terrifying new feature available to all Google searchers — aka everyone on Earth — the ability to see and download a user's entire search history.

No, thank you.

As per Google's blog, Google Operating System, to download the history, visit your Web history page, click on the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner and select "Download." An identity verification box will appear (to ensure the user's search history isn't uploaded to a public domain).

Then, you'll click "Create Archive," and everything you've ever searched will (shudder) be downloaded to a file called "Takeout," which you can access via Google Drive.

Good news for folks who tend to stay logged out of their Gmail accounts: The feature can only track searches made when a user was logged into his or her Google account. So if you're, for example, not a Gmail user (if such a thing even exists) then you're probably safe.

The rest of us, however — not so much.

Luckily, with the bad comes some good: You can delete all of your history in a single click.

Head back to that Web history page, press the gear icon and select "Remove Items" — there's even an option to remove search histories from "the beginning of time."

Then take a sigh of relief and never, ever search anything while logged into Gmail again — just to be safe.

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