Finally! Bacon And Avocado Emoji May Be Coming To Your Phone Next Year

Have you ever wanted to discuss pregnancy cravings, avocado toast or Shark Week with a friend and realized the perfect emoji for the situation doesn't exist?

The Unicode Consortium will soon have remedies to those situations.

Yahoo! Tech reports a subcommittee of the Consortium, the all-powerful creators of new emoji, submitted a list of 38 new symbols for final approval next month.

The list features an owl, clinking champagne flutes, a face palm, a shrug, a nauseated face and a "selfie" face, among many more.

If agreed upon, these emoji would most likely be included in June 2016's 9.0 version of the emoji set.

That means it will be more than a full year before you can discuss bacon or croissants, exchange a fist bump with a friend or shake hands on a deal over text message.

The news comes shortly after the release of Unicode 8.0, a set of emoji with increased diversity.

Once Unicode releases its newest set, it's up to individual platforms like Apple and Microsoft to add the emoji to their already available lists.

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