If The Watch Launch Is Successful, Apple Could Be Worth $1 Trillion

It's sleek, captivating and all over your newsfeed: This could be said for just about any product Apple has unveiled since its first iPod back in 2001.

The only major difference for the company since its first MP3 player is that, now, a launch like the Apple Watch could raise its value to nearly $1 trillion dollars.

One thing that has remained constant, though, is that Apple's newest product is facing its fair share of doubters.

Analysts say the starting price for the watch ($350) is too costly for most consumers, and the technology isn't compelling or ground-breaking enough to draw in sales.

Still, this is actually one of the cheapest price tags for any Apple tech product launched so far. The first iPod was unveiled with a $399 retail value and ended up becoming one of the company's most revolutionary products.

It does seem that the company is taking extra steps to tout the watch as an affordable luxury; it ramped up its PR efforts prior to the unveiling more than it has with many other launches (Apple normally keeps its launch details private up until the unveiling moment).

There's no saying whether the extra PR and luxury-style product is going to be a major hit or a flop among Apple fans: another constant since that very first launch in 2001?

Some Apple fans will buy just about anything.

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