Invisible Boyfriend App Will Convince People You're In A Relationship

by Emily Arata

Move over, "Weird Science." Building a significant other is now a reality -- at least on your smartphone.

A set of apps called Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend, now in beta, offer you the chance to create a significant other who will send texts and appear in photos with you.

For a one-time fee of $24.99, you can create a profile complete with private details and make your own customized partner.

You'll also receive 100 realistic texts, 10 voicemails and a handwritten note.

The new partner also comes with a unique meet-cute story and shared photographs for your nosy aunt to see.

He or she will send real-time messages checking in on you, meaning your coworkers can watch a message exchange happen.

In the future, the app's developers plan to expand their real life offerings: mailed flowers and small gifts, among other ideas.

It's all the security of a partner, without the time-consuming dates or complication.

As the app notes, it's also of use when you've got a "class 3 clinger" on your hands and need to pretend you're no longer single.

Users are also welcome to submit selfies, which will make you into a fake significant other for someone else. The app will ask you to submit a zipcode, so they can make sure your face doesn't become the girlfriend of a person near you.

The team wants to make your fake significant other believable, so you won't be set up with a Jourdan Dunn lookalike anytime soon.

But, if it stops your mom from asking and is the financial equivalent of one meal out, maybe this is a viable solution for holiday parties and work functions.

Or, you could take that time, energy and money, back away from the computer and go meet someone. Your choice.

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