Team Canada at the 2021 Olympics closing ceremony.

Team Canada Wore Denim Jackets At The Olympics Closing Ceremony And I Think I Need One

Twitter is fully on board with the look.

Naomi Baker/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Tokyo Olympics drew to a close on August 8, but not before squeezing in a few more memorable fashion moments. During the closing ceremony, Team Canada caught plenty of viewers’ eyes. Our friends in the north wore some truly one-of-a-kind denim jackets, and Twitter had thoughts.

Appearing at the Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony, Team Canada donned their best Canadian suits... aka denim jackets and jeans. But these were no ordinary jackets! The athletes wore distressed blue jean jackets created by Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s, which were decorated with graffiti-style writing and maple leaves.

“We love the twist on the iconic Canadian tuxedo for the closing ceremony look... Tokyo is also known for its street art and fashion,” the Hudson’s Bay design team said in an Olympics Q&A. “We paid tribute to this in the must-have piece of the collection — the forever cool jean jacket. The graffiti graphic and unexpected patch placements capture a youthful and celebratory feel.”

It was a bold move, but it seems like the Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s designers hit absolutely their mark: As soon as Team Canada showed up to the closing ceremony, Twitter users from all over the world began buzzing about the athletes’ timeless-yet-edgy jeans ensemble.

Given the intense scrutiny this year’s Games have been under (because of factors like Japan’s low vaccination rate and a recent state of emergency in Tokyo), it’s a relief that the competition has officially, successfully come to an end.

And if you’re ready to dress like an Olympian, you’re in luck: Items from the official Canadian Olympic team collection are available on Hudson’s Bay’s website. The jean jackets are unfortunately unavailable right now, but you can still pick up collector’s items like the team’s opening ceremony jacket.

Team Canada placed 11th at this year’s Olympics, taking home a grand total of 24 medals. In a particularly historic moment, the Canadian women’s soccer team won the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament and remained unbeaten across six matches. They’ve got cool jackets and soccer skills — what more could you want?!