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Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student In Texas

Lately, it seems like a lot of teachers have been making headlines due to their extremely inappropriate extracurricular activities.

Take, for example, the married teacher who gave her student three blowjobs on international flight home from a school trip.

Don't forget about the teacher from Plano, Texas, who had to call of her wedding after she slept with a student who seduced her by writing his Snapchat username on a test.

Now, another teacher is being accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with one of her high school pupils.

Fallon Hunt, a 28-year-old substitute teacher, had been hired to teach in place of a teacher who was out on medical leave at Justin Kimball High School in Texas.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, December 6, Hunt was arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her students after his mother caught him calling his teacher "wifey."

WFAA reports that the mother called the police to report the teacher's bad behavior after finding the inappropriate text messages on her son's phone in October.

As a result, Hunt was brought into the police station for questioning and handed over her cell phone to investigators.

Upon searching through the text messages, police officers found evidence that led them to believe Hunt had sexual relations with the student before he graduated from the high school in May 2015.

A warrant revealed the messages retrieved from Hunt's phone included conversations in which Hunt referred to the student as "my baby" and the student called Hunt "wifey."

The student was also brought in for questioning, and he told detectives that he had engaged in sex with Hunt on multiple occasions between April and May of last year, according to DailyMail.com.

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In addition to the steamy text messages, investigators also found photos of another high school student on Hunt's phone, however, the nature of the photos remains unknown.

The student in those photos was identified during a police interview, and he told investigators there could be two more students who had sexual relations with the substitute teacher and provided them with their names, DailyMail.com reported.

Hunt has been taken into custody and is being held at Dallas County Jail with a bail of $20,000 while police investigate other possible charges against her.

School officials have yet to release a statement in regard to these incidents.

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