Husband Of Virginia Shooting Survivor Relays Wife's Account Of Attack

The third victim of this week's shooting in Virginia woke up from a medically-induced coma, and now, her husband is sharing her terrifying story with the world.

Vicki Gardner was being interviewed by WBDJ reporter Alison Parker around 6:45 am when the first shots were fired.

Gardner told her husband the bright lights of the camera blinded her from seeing the approaching shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan II. Immediately after the first shots were fired, however, Gardner went into survival mode.

Her husband, who spoke to ABC News, claims Gardner first tried dodging the bullets. She then curled up on the ground to shield her body from the bullets.

Flanagan, who allegedly wore body armor, left the scene, giving Gardner a chance to get away. Although injured, Gardner managed to walk away from the scene in search of help.

She was transported to the hospital, and doctors operated to remove the bullet from her back Wednesday morning.

According to Gardner's husband, doctors said if the bullet hit her a few centimeters to the left or right, she could be paralyzed or even dead.

Her husband told ABC News,

[Vicki] is slowly becoming aware of how much attention it's getting. She's just… well she's just a little torn up about things at the moment… She didn't know how she survived, but she did.

Though we continue to learn about what happened, a comprehensible explanation for the shooting may never emerge.

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