The Supermoon's Second Night Was Even More Incredible

If it is nighttime where you are right now -- GO OUTSIDE!

I mean, after you read this about the first night of the supermoon, then also this post, and are then inspired to go outside.

Seriously, if you don't go out you're going to miss out on some quality Instagram photos or at least miss out on the chance to howl at the moon, which is the closest to the Earth tonight since 1948.

The moon is so close to Earth, it's like, "Hey, what's up, hello."


"Something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long." -- The moon singing "Gravity" by five-time Grammy award winning Sarah Bareilles to the Earth.


Here's the moon creeping up behind a statue of Jesus Christ in Havana, Cuba.


Oops, this is a superMOM. Not sure how this got in here. Enjoy anyway!


A shy supermoon peaked at humans from behind a building in Barcelona, Spain.


Just why is the moon so close to the Earth? It misses us, of course. Every year the moon moves 1.5 inches away from us each year. (One day, you will leave me too... to go read some more great content on Elite Daily!)

When the sun, moon and Earth line up, supermoons occur. It also looks larger due to being closer to the horizon. Seeing the moon line up through trees or buildings makes it seem extra large.

Supermoons will happen three times in 2016. One happened already in October, and the next one will happen on December 14.

But don't worry, moon. You'll always be SUPER to us, regardless of your size.

It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean (which the moon creates because its gravity makes waves).

Go outside already! Then come back inside because it is dark and scary out there.