'Suitcase' Killer Writes Letter About 'Evil' Ex: She's 'Having Sex With Women'

Notorious "body in a suitcase" murderer Tommy Schaefer claims his partner-in-crime (and ex-girlfriend) has sex with other women while raising their child in her cell.

Schaefer, 32, who murdered Chicago woman Sheila von Wiese-Mack with the help of her daughter, Heather Mack, 21, in August 2014, wrote a 4,000-word essay to a friend.

The two are serving separate sentences -- Schaefer's is 18 years, while Mack's is 10 -- and have split since they stuffed Wiese-Mack's murdered body in a suitcase in Bali, Indonesia, in a plot to take her inheritance money.


They have a 20-month-old daughter together called Stella.

Mack is raising Stella in Kerobokan Prison in Bali, Indonesia, and Schaefer has penned an angry letter listing all the things she allegedly does in full view of their daughter.

Part of the letter, obtained by, reads,

That evil thing has gained weight, is all laughs, drinks, and does drugs in prison. She does all of this while having sex with women while my daughter is next to her. All of this eats at my soul every single day.

Schaefer claims Mack is looking for ways to make money behind bars, including making a movie about the murder.

She is profiting financially as much as she can. She announces to the prison almost once a week that she's working on making a movie with her mom's friend, Dianna.

And for the first time ever, Schaefer has revealed how he's feeling about the murder. He wrote,

The murder, the media, and seeing Sheila's family breaks me beyond repair. Speaking these words is the hardest thing I've done aside from living these words. When I think about those words, I am utterly disgusted with myself, just as much as anyone else is. Every morning, I wake up feeling like nothing more than scum.

The murderer detailed how he's physically changed over time due to the stress. He said,

If you paid enough attention to the case, then you would notice how much my face has changed. My teeth began to rot, I developed black bags underneath my eyes, I lost 25 pounds and the pigment of my epidermis has dramatically decreased. You can see the stress on my face.

He signs off by outlining one more regret, adding, "Rest In Paradise, Sheila Von Wiese."