These Students Studying Pizza Will Make You Regret Your College Degree


It may have felt like you "majored in pizza” in college, but chances are, your course load involved subjects way less enjoyable and far less useful. (Art history, anyone?)

Fortunately for current college kids, it's not too late to get schooled in the art of the slice.

Students at Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K. will soon have the opportunity to apply for internships with Pizza Hut  —  and, yes, get real school credit for it.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the program will run until 2020 and allow students to study pizza in all of its beauty both in-class and in the field (i.e., at Pizza Hut restaurants). The internship is aimed towards teaching students about food production, business management, and the like.

Kathryn Austin, the director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut explains,

Over the next few years we will work hard to provide our apprentices and team members with the best training and development so that we can equip them with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant. I would encourage more businesses to take the lead from companies like Pizza Hut Restaurants to start or expand their apprenticeship programs.

In all, there are 1,500 internship spots open, so cheese fiends, get applying. We have a feeling the competition is going to be hotter than a pizza oven.

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