Students Cover Mirrors With Inspiring Notes To Encourage Inner Beauty

The females in the senior class at Trinity Academy high school in Wichita, Kansas were busy bees their first week of school as they prepared something special for the underclassmen.

The 12th graders covered the bathroom mirrors with paper and signed them with slogans and quotes in hopes of inspiring others to prioritize their inner beauties.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Give me back my f*cking mirrors.

That was my first instinct as well. Perhaps, however, there's something to be said for removing the luxury of vanity altogether.

A space once acting as a Mecca for outward self-criticism was suddenly covered with positive, encouraging words from the Bible, F. Scott Fitzgerald, popular songs and common colloquialisms.

Jezebel reader criticized the act as another effort to “sham[e] and polic[e]” young women's bodies -- bodies commonly treated by school administrations as distracting.

In an interview with KWCH-TV, student Jordan Melugin asserted the ladies' intentions were merely to inspire confidence and acceptance.

Melugin said, "I really hope that people will see this and see that there are girls out there who are encouraging other girls to just be who they are."

Though the students might miss their mirrors, a little self-love never hurt.

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