Woman Arrested On Warrant Soon After Tweeting A Deputy 'Deserves' Death


A Sam Houston State University student who famously sent an insensitive tweet about the death of a police deputy in Texas was reportedly arrested by authorities for an unrelated incident.

It all started on Friday when Darren Goforth, a deputy for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, was shot in an alleged ambush while he was pumping gas.

After news of Goforth's death spread, the public responded with an outpouring of support for those affected by the loss of the deputy.

One Texas college student didn't exactly share the same positive sentiment about the deputy.

Monica Foy posted the following on her since-deleted Twitter page.

The tweet went incredibly viral, and Foy soon found her notification tab flooded with angry users calling her out.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office confirmed officers arrested Monica Foy on Tuesday night for an unrelated assault warrant in Harris County. According to KBTX, Lieutenant Brady Fitzgerald said,

People online seem to be pretty happy about Monica's slightly ironic change of circumstance.

Sam Houston State University also expressed support for the law enforcement community since the story unfolded.

You can watch KBTX's full report below.

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