Student Pilot 'Intentionally' Crashes Plane Into Street After Argument

The student pilot who "intentionally" crashed into a street in Connecticut is believed to have been arguing with his instructor moments before.

Feras M. Freitekh died and three others were taken to the hospital after the fiery explosion near Pratt and Whitney on Tuesday.

The crash is being investigated by the FBI.

A source told the Courant that Freitekh told the pilot he did not want to fly anymore before flying erratically.

The instructor fought to regain control of the plane before it nose-dived into the street.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said its initial findings point to an intentional crash.

A spokesperson for the NTSB said,

The National Transportation Safety Board's initial investigation of Tuesday's aircraft crash in East Hartford, Connecticut indicates the crash is the result of an intentional act. In light of that information and in accordance with established procedures the NTSB is in the process of transferring the lead for the investigation from NTSB to the FBI. The NTSB stands ready to support the FBI's investigation should a request be made for agency expertise.

The FBI searched the student pilot's apartment Wednesday and found no evidence of terrorism.

Authorities say the plane plowed into telephone poles and electricity was wiped out in the surrounding area.

The instructor managed to escape the rubble and is being treated at a burns unit. Medical staff expect him to recover well.

Police are speaking with him to find out what happened in the moments before it unfolded.

Two people who were in a minivan close to where the plane crashed are also recovering in an area hospital.

East Hartford Lt. Joshua Litwin said,

Neither of the two occupants at any time had the ability to take control of this plane.

Fire Chief John Oates added this is a very complex situation with a lot of different agencies and many different moving parts.