Stranger Surprises Woman By Giving Her A New Juicer For Mom With Cancer

Once, I didn't donate to any charity for a full six months because I volunteered for three hours at a soup kitchen on a random Sunday morning for school.

Thank God this world is full of people who are decidedly a lot better than I am.

A London man jumped at the opportunity to throw some positive karma into the world in the shape of a brand new NutriBullet.

Last year, Cara Duggan's mother was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer.

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Though her family says her cancer is advanced, they are hopeful she will recover.

Cara, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was looking for a NutriBullet mixer in order to make her mother green juices to aid in her treatment.

She told BuzzFeed,

A while after her last chemo session Mum's legs started swelling which turned out to be blood clots, but as they were undiagnosed they had travelled to her lungs. Apparently, this is a really common side effect of chemo. These blood clots have left her with no energy and she's been really struggling with nausea, so we decided to get her a juicer.

A new NutriBullet can run about $200 -- a bit out of the price range for Duggan who is still trying to come up with ways to fund her mother's medical treatments. So, Cara set out to find a used one on Gumtree.

She came across a posting by a London man named Argos selling exactly what Cara was looking for, but Argos lived in London, and the machine would need to be shipped all the way to Belfast.

Cara posted the following screenshots of her remarkable conversation with Argos to Facebook.

If that series didn't make you at least mutter to yourself, “OK, people are decent,” then you're dead inside.

Cara also posted a picture of the brand new NutriBullet Argos donated to her and her family.


You can see the whole post here.

Oh my goodness...for anyone doubting that there is good left in the world... Today I emailed a stranger on gumtree... Posted by Cara Grace Duggan on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If you are looking to keep this good karma train rolling, feel free to donate money to Cara's GoFundMe campaign geared toward paying for her mom's medical bills.

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