Starbucks Customer Calls Out Barista For Stealing Her Credit Card Info (Video)

A Starbucks employee reportedly came clean immediately when a customer confronted her about stealing her credit card information and spending her money.

According to Daily Mail, 25-year-old Juana Martinez went to a Starbucks in Lakewood, California on New Year's Day and was served by a 19-year-old female barista.

When the married mother of three presented her credit card, the barista reportedly told her she needed to get more paper to give her a receipt and returned about a minute later.

Martinez told Daily Mail,

I've worked in retail, you don't take someone's card for that long. She came back and was really nervous.

The next day, Martinez was notified over $200 from her account was spent at a grocery store.

She called the grocery store and was told a woman who seemed "very suspicious" made the purchase.

So, Martinez, along with her brother, went to the drive-thru at the same Starbucks and confronted the barista, who was caught on camera quickly confessing and apologizing.

The barista then promised to give the money back and pleaded for Martinez not to press charges.

Martinez told Daily Mail the barista's theft prevented her from paying rent.

She said,

My husband is in the military and I go to school. We both work our butts off to bring home money, I guess that's why it hit me harder.

Martinez since reported the theft to the police, suggesting she did not accept a reimbursement from the barista.

A spokesperson from Starbucks released a statement to Daily Mail. It read,

We were extremely troubled to learn of this incident and are working directly with the customer to address this situation. This experience is completely unacceptable, but is by no means indicative of the otherwise outstanding customer service that we provide our customers daily. We value our customers' trust and have internally taken immediate steps to address and respond to this issue.

The spokesperson also confirmed the barista is no longer a Starbucks employee.

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