This Spray Tan Company Is Being Called Out For Selling 'Blackface'


White people, listen, it's time we all had a meeting. We really need to stop doing this sh*t.

By which I mean, we all need to stop stealing pieces of black (and other people of color) cultures, like using spray tan to turn our skin brown.

A Swedish spray tan company called Emmaatan recently came under fire for selling its line of "dark" tans, which many say is just blackface.

Emma Patissier Alm, the owner of the company, is facing accusations of cultural appropriation and racism, particularly in response to her Instagram photos, which feature white women using the product to turn their skin dark brown.

I'm not sure it's still tanning if your skin ends up a whole different color.

This one's called Super Dark Violet. Yikes.

Mmmmmm, nope.

The names of these hues don't help, with titles like Violet Onyx, Dark Ash Onyx, Caramel and Dark Chocolate.

Unsurprisingly, many criticized Emmaatan for cultural appropriation, like the site Black Girl with Long Hair, which said,

Alm responded to the criticism in an apologetic Instagram post, where she wrote,

OK, so let's take this as a lesson because this seriously needs to stop.

I know we all wish we could be black without all the systematic oppression that comes with it since, let's face it, black people are pretty damn cool.

But, we all really can't do that. You guys remember that whole slavery thing, right?

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