Spotify Update Pairs Playlists With Weather, So Get Ready To Sing In The Rain


Let's face it: Weather has a pretty big impact on the type of music we listen to on a daily basis.

Personally, I enjoy an upbeat pop tune when the sun's shining -- but I'll indulge my sorrows with a slow acoustic ballad the second it starts to rain.

Thankfully, Spotify understands our weather-inspired song choices. It just created a website that provides playlists coinciding with the weather we're experiencing.

It's called Climatune, and it was created when Spotify partnered with Accuweather, Mashable reports.

The website will tell you a brief description of the weather where you live and give you suggestions of what songs to listen to based off the music locals are streaming.

Pretty cool, right?

Before creating the weather-inspired music site, Spotify compared the music that was streamed throughout the duration of one year with data collected from 1,000 different weather stations.

Spotify concluded weather does affect the type of music we choose to listen to.

Ian Anderson, a Spotify researcher, said,

For almost all of the top cities around the world, sunny days translates to happier-sounding music.

The researchers also said listeners prefer instrumentals when it's snowy and slow songs when it's raining.


I'll use my location to give you a brief example of how it works.

Right now, in New York City, it's sunny outside. My Climatune is suggesting I listen to "Hotline Bling" by Drake because that's what other New Yorkers are listening to at the moment.

I can't lie, I listened to Drake on my way to work today so it must be accurate.

If you're not feeling the playlist you've been given, the website gives you an option to change the weather on the upper left hand corner of the page.

Once you choose a different climate, the location that coincides with the weather will change along with songs on the playlist.

The background will also transform to reflect the weather you're experiencing (in real life, or musically).

Have fun with it, and rest assured you aren't the only one reveling in sad songs when it's cold and rainy outside.

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