Someone Won $758 Million Powerball And We Can Relate To Twitter's Salty Responses

Kena Betancur/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, Aug. 23, the question was on many people's minds: who won the Powerball? On Thursday morning, we're much closer to getting that answer. According to multiple reports, the winning ticket for the $758 million-plus jackpot was purchased at a convenience store in Chicopee, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe.

The identity of the winner (or winners, if a group of people bought a single ticket) has not been revealed as no one has yet stepped forward to claim the prize.

How much that prize is worth is a question that is answered by the type of payment chosen by the buyer of the winning ticket. If the winner decides to accept his or her prize in a lump sum, he or she will receive $480.5 million. A winner is only eligible to receive the grand prize of $758.7 million if they accept the money in annual payments over a 30-year period.

One thing's for sure, though. Whoever ended up winning this jackpot is really, really lucky.

The odds of getting all six numbers in the Powerball drawing are 1 in 292 million (292!), according to ABC News. As CNN mentions, that means person is more likely to get hit by an asteroid, or get struck by lighting... while drowning, than win the Powerball.

Someone had to win it, though. And that someone -- or someones -- appears to live in Massachusetts. Regardless of who they are, we already know one thing about them. Lots of Twitter users are jealous, and those users let that be known by using (what else?) funny memes.

Twitter users probably aren't the only ones who are upset though. There are likely some people Watertown, Massachusetts who are upset as well.

Why Watertown? Well, that's where it was initially reported that the winning ticket was sold. A correction of the actual location was only issued on Thursday morning.

Ultimately, though, it's the six numbers on the ticket that matter. Whoever got those winning numbers just became a multimillionaire overnight.