'Predators' Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Scary Social Experiment (Video)

Last month, Coby Persin teamed up with three families to prove how easily predators can access one-on-one time with young girls and posted the events in his video "The Dangers of Social Media."

On Wednesday, Persin posted a follow-up targeting young boys.

The ruse remains more or less the same: Persin assumes a fake identity and chats online with three different local boys until they agree to meet up with their new online lady friends.

When the boy arrives, he is greeted by a strange adult (or several) who scares him straight.

Finally, the boy's parent pops out, vessels bursting with hot rage, and yells something to the effect of,

Ah you friggin' kiddin' me, Jason?

It's unclear who is more terrified and disappointed in this situation, the tweens or their parents.

Despite many known instances of children lost to and abused by online predators, education regarding Internet safety remains a never-ending job of immediate importance.

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