These 10 Viral Snapchat Lenses From 2021 Include OGs And Exciting Newcomers

Yes, “Little Bernie” is on the list!

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Snapchat launched a “Lens on the Year” report on Dec. 15 for a look back at the new Lenses launched in 2021.

With 50 of most notable Lenses decided on based on user data and Snap faves, keep note of these 10 viral Lenses with OGs (Cartoon Lens) and newcomers (Squid Game) you'll want to use again and again.

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“Little Bernie”

“Little Bernie” from Lens Creator Amélie Tremblay took the app by storm following Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) infamous outfit at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

According to Snapchat, more than 9 million Snapchatters engaged with the Lens.

Squid Game

The “Squid Game” Lens, which transforms your whole body into one of the Guard members, was a major hit after the show debuted on Netflix.

All of the Squid Game Lenses on Snapchat received more than 49 million interactions combined from users on the app.

“Cartoon 3D Style”

The infamous cartoon Lens on Snapchat (which turns you into an animated character) became a hit, with major traction in summer 2021.

The official Snapchat offering has been viewed by app users more than 7 billion times.

“Body Tattoo”

With a Lens that totally transforms your look by giving you virtual ink on your face, chest, neck, and arms, “Body Tattoo” went viral for its unique appeal.

“Fire Glasses”

Snapchat’s “Fire Glasses” Lens made every day feel like hot girl summer with the virtual flames and Instagram baddie-inspired sunglasses.


The “Smile” Lens, which puts an augmented reality (AR) smile on photos, went big with over 1.2 billion impressions on the app.

“Comics Style”

The “Comics Style” Lens followed in the footsteps of the cartoon-inspired lenses.

See yourself in an animated, comic-book-style appearance that you can customize based on one of four mood options.

“Remove Beard”

Snapchat’s popular “Remove Beard” Lens makes it possible to virtually remove the facial hair from a photo or video.

To date, it’s gotten over 380 million engagements from app users on Snapchat.

“Photo Crop”

The “Photo Crop” Lens from Lens Creator Denis Rossiev cuts up sections of your video for an up-close look.

With more than 24.5 million impressions on Snapchat, it clearly became a favorite in 2021.


Inspired by the 2021 movie, House Of Gucci, the “GucciWorld1123” Lens from Ignite XR lets you sport attire like Lady Gaga wears in the film.

You’ll be saying, “father, son, and House of Gucci” in no time.

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