These are the 14 best "Leaving 2019, Entering 2022" memes on Twitter right now.

These “Leaving 2019, Entering 2022” Memes Perfectly Sum Up How Everyone Is Feeling

It’s been a long two years.


In mid-to-late December 2021, the “Leaving 2019, Entering 2022” meme popped up with John Travolta in Grease unaware of what was to come in 2020 and a more prepared Pulp Fiction Travolta steeling himself for what 2022 might bring.

After two years of ups and downs, the internet is going full Vega with their best interpretations of how they’ll head into the new year as 2021 comes to a close.

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Going from Danny and Sandy in Grease to Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace set the tone for this trend.