Eerie Snapchat Video Shows Guy Speeding Moments Before 5 Killed In Crash


A few chilling Snapchat videos were released that showed a driver speeding down a highway in Florida moments before a fatal car accident that killed five people occurred.

The horrific crash took place just before 10 pm last Wednesday night, on a westbound highway in Tampa, reports.

Pablo Cortes III was the 22-year-old driving the Volkswagen Golf that caused the accident. His alleged girlfriend, 19-year-old Jolie Bartolome, was in the passenger seat of the car.


Bartolome filmed Cortes dangerously speeding down the road. One Snapchat reveals him driving at 82.6 mph, and the next records him reaching 115.6 mph.

That was certainly a recipe for disaster.

The videos do not show the collision, but it's been reported that moments after the Snapchats ended, their lives did too.

After reaching 115.6 mph, Cortes allegedly lost control of his vehicle. He drove over the highway median, and collided with a Toyota Sienna minivan driving in the opposite direction.

Cortes and Bartolome died at the scene of the collision.

The crash also killed 39-year-old Marianela Murillo – the driver of the minivan – and two of her children, who were also in the vehicle.


There were a total of four children sitting in the minivan, out of which two survived. However, the surviving children were in critical condition. They were sent to the Tampa General Hospital immediately, according to

They weren't the only lucky survivors of the crash, though.

After slamming into the minivan, Cortes' car reportedly collided with a Toyota Scion driven by 54-year-old Carla Marie. She was seriously injured, but survived the accident.

According to ABC Action News, residents nearby reportedly stated a lot of street racing occurs in the same area the crash occurred.

Even so, Florida Highway Patrol said there's no evidence to support that assumption, and investigators believe Cortes was simply driving at very high speeds before the crash took place.