This list of Snapchat Charms covers all the ones you're missing.

Check Out This Snapchat Charms List To See Which Icons You Still Need

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If you regularly keep up with your friends on Snapchat, then you probably have a pretty decent collection of Snapchat Charms. Snapchat released Charms in 2018, and they’re fun little icons found in your Friendship Profiles on the app. Since their release a few years ago, Snap has added quite a few Charms to celebrate your friendships, and this Snapchat Charms list will keep you up to date with all the latest milestones.

As a refresher, Snapchat Charms are icons with fun designs that appear in your Friendship Profiles after you’ve hit a Snap milestone. As you keep Snapping your close friends, you earn new Charms to honor your friendship, and sometimes you see them change as your relationship progresses. There are also Charms that signify your friend’s zodiac sign, birthstone, and more. You can access the Charms you have by tapping one of your friend's Bitmojis to pull up a Friendship Profile. Once you're in the profile, you can scroll all the way down to find the Snapchat Charms section.

Depending on your relationship with the Snapchat user whose Friendship Profile you're viewing, you should see an array of different Charms. There are more than 30 different Charms that you might get with a friend one-on-one, including four birthday Charms, around 14 friendship charms that show how often you Snap each other, and several snap activity charms that show you and your friend’s stats and Snapchat history.

Users whose birthdays are registered with Snapchat might also have Birthstone and Astrological Sign Charms. Those Charms will get into detail about your friends' birth months and signs. There’s also a fun astrological compatibility Charm.

If you haven't chatted with one of your friends in a while, Snapchat will remind you to keep in touch by adding certain Charms to your Friendship Profile.


These fun one-on-one Charms include:

  • "BFs"
  • “Besties”
  • “BFF”
  • “Mutual BFs”
  • “Mutual Besties”
  • “Their BF, but...”
  • “It’s Their Birthday”
  • “New Friends”
  • “Shy Guys” for when you’ve added each other but haven’t sent a single snap.
  • “Snapstreak” when you’re on a Snap sesh back and forth.
  • “Streak Ending Soon”
  • “It's Been a While”
  • “It's Been a Minute”
  • “It's Been Forever”
  • “It's Been a Second”
  • “In Touch”
  • “Upcoming Birthday”
  • “Sun Sign Compatibility” for how compatible your Rising Sun signs are.
  • “Astrological Sign”
  • “Birthday Twins” when you and your friend share the same birthday week.
  • “Friend's Birthstone”
  • “It's a Sign” if you both share the same Zodiac sign.
  • “Snap Masters” if you and your friend have a high Snap score
  • “Snap Heros”
  • “Snap Legends”
  • “Snap Sophomores”
  • “Snap Rookies”
  • “Founders Club” if you both joined Snapchat in 2012 when video Snaps launched
  • “Half Birthday Twins
  • Founding Friends — you both joined Snapchat in 2011
  • Early Adopters — you both joined Snapchat in 2012
  • Snap Charms for each year you both joined, including Joined in 2013, 2014, 2015, and so on.

When you click on a Charms icon, you'll see an illustration of you and your friend’s Bitmojis and more information about that Charm. Once you tap on a Snapchat Charm, you can also scroll left or right to see the information about the other Charms on their profile.


There are eight different Group Snapchat Charms you might see your Group Profiles. Each Group Snapchat Charm has a theme, such as the “Group Paparazzi,” which is the person who sends the most photos to the group.

Group Charms include:

  • Most Creative
  • Most Sticky
  • Most Crafty
  • Most Nostalgic
  • Most Animated
  • Most Verbose
  • Group Paparazzi
  • Group Journalist

Friendship Profiles are only visible to you and your friend, so only you two will be able to view the Charms. If you wish to hide a Snapchat Charm from the profile you can do that by tapping on the Charm and then selecting the three-dots menu icon in the top-right corner and selecting the “Hide Charm” option.

Now that you know all about the Charms you can earn, you can do your best to score new ones by keeping up with your virtual friendships.

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