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Snapchat's Adidas Bitmoji collection includes some much-hyped sneakers.

Dress In Your Bitmoji In Head-To-Toe Adidas With Snapchat’s Latest Collection

You can even try the Forum Low Sneaker redesign before it launches on July 16.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Dressing your Bitmoji in “stripes” is getting a streetwear upgrade, thanks to a new collection from Snapchat and Adidas. Snapchatters and Bitmoji users first gained access to the all-new merch collection on Wednesday, June 23 — and there are so many trendy items to up your digital avatar’s threads. From classic staples like the Originals Superstar J Sneakers to coveted upcoming products like the new Forum Low Sneaker, this cool partnership is a must-try for any Adidas fan.

Although the highly-anticipated redesign of Adidas’ Forum Low Sneaker won’t be available for fans to try on and purchase until it rolls out in stores and online on July 16, your digital mini-me can get in on the hype a little early by trying out the coveted kicks via Snapchat and Bitmoji, per an email from Snap to Elite Daily. They’re availble in the Snapchat and Bitmoji apps in multiple color combinations: white, royal blue, tan, navy, red, gray, orange, light pink, and hot pink.

In addition to the new kicks, there are plenty of street style-approved offerings that are available IRL to help make your Bitmoji on-trend, including the Adicolor Classics Trefoil tee and hoodies emblazoned with Adidas’ signature logo.

Rajni Jacques, Snap's Head of Fashion & Beauty Partnerships, tells Elite Daily why this launch is so exciting. "This partnership brings a natural synergy, as both companies aim to blend fashion, lifestyle, and streetwear culture on Bitmoji," Jacques says. She adds that it also "encourages Snapchatters and Bitmoji users to express themselves with the brands that truly resonate with them."

This isn’t the first time Adidas has rolled out branded outfits for Bitmojis — users have been able to dress their avatars in Adidas tracksuits since 2016 — but Snapchat and Bitmoji fans can now choose between a dozen styled outfits or mix and match different pieces to create their own signature ~lewk~.

Courtesy of Snapchat

To give your Bitmoji an Adidas-approved makeover in Snapchat, you can tap the Bitmoji icon located to the top left corner in your Snap camera, then select “Change Outfit.” From there, you’ll see the full arsenal of Bitmoji outfits, which you can also access by checking out this Bitmoji Fashion Snapchat link. The curated Adidas outfits will show up at the top, but you can digitally shop different pieces by tapping the icons for tops, bottoms, shoes, and more in the navigation bar at the bottom. You can also change your Bitmoji’s clothes to Adidas ones right from the Bitmoji app.

Once you’ve given your Bitmoji an Adidas wardrobe update, you can expect to see your digital mini-me flaunting their stuff in Chat, on the Snap Map, in game, and in Lenses. If any of these looks catch your eye, don’t wait on having your Bitmoji try it on along with the brand new Forum Low Sneaker redesign.