Snapchat's new Levi's Bitmoji digital collection lets you twin with your online avatar.

Levi’s New Bitmoji Collection For Snapchat Is A Style Upgrade For Your Avatar

Courtesy of Snapchat

Almost a year after rolling out a customizable Bitmoji outfits feature with its mix and match update, Snapchat is offering even more sartorial choices for your digital doppelgänger. On Thursday, Dec. 3, Snapchat’s new Levi’s Bitmoji digital collection dropped with some of the most timeless pieces from the brand. From the 501 Original Fit Jeans to a cozy sherpa jacket, the collaboration's new offerings are all available for purchase IRL.

Snapchat users can dress their Bitmojis in their fave Levi's attire (or a Canadian tuxedo) on the social media platform's Snap Map and Lenses in addition to Chat and games and Bitmoji Stories. If you're a Snapchat or Bitmoji user, you will be able to flip through the collection's 12 curated Levi's outfits and choose one to try, or you can mix and match among the different offerings. You can expect to see some familiar items, as the company will be offering virtual versions of popular pieces like the 501 Original Fit Jeans, sherpa and jean jackets, and and western-style shirts. Just like if you were buying these pieces IRL, you can choose among many different washes to further customize your look.

If you want to get in on the new collection, you can have your Bitmoji virtually try on the different looks on either Snapchat or on the Bitmoji app. If going through Snapchat, you'll want to follow the steps you'd normally take to change your digital avatar's outfit. First, you'll want to tap on your profile in the left corner. Once you see "Bitmoji," you can tap on "Change Outfit" to open the Avatar Designer. There, you'll see all the available outfits, including Levi's new styles. From there, you can try the ready-made outfits or use the bottom navigation bar to mix and match different pieces.

Courtesy of Snapchat

To get to it from the Bitmoji app, all you have to do is tap on the fashion icon to gain access to the Avatar Designer and then the Bitmoji fashion wardrobe. Just like in the Snapchat version, you'll see Levi's outfits and be able to mix and match different accessories and clothing pieces to best vibe with your style.

It's up to you whether you decide to wear the matching sherpa jacket or classic jeans in real life, but at least you know your online avatar can take on the digital world in his or her most trendy looks.