Skydiver Hangs 10,000 Feet In Air After Pant Leg Gets Caught On Plane (Video)

A skydiver spent a half hour hanging off the bottom of a plane following a botched free-fall into the clouds.

According to ABC News, Fernando Gava attempted to leap out of a plane in Lima, Peru but got the leg of his jumpsuit caught on one of the aircraft's exit steps.

Gava hung upside down as the plane circled the Peruvian capital at 10,000 feet in the air for nearly 30 minutes.

Footage posted to Vimeo about two weeks ago shows Gava's friends and family watching him try to free himself from the plane.

Gava was lucky enough to be carrying a hook knife, however, which he used to cut his pant leg from the jumpsuit.

The well-seasoned skydiver, with over 1,000 jumps to his credit, then deployed his parachute and carefully landed on the grass without trouble.

He sustained no injuries, aside from a minor cut to his hand while applying the hook knife.

The video was posted by Gava's friend Maurice Mathey, who told "Good Morning America" on October 30 an experienced skydiver would never make a jump without this crucial tool.

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