The Bans Off Our Bodies marches featured tons of clever pro-abortion signs.

Here Are The Cleverest Signs From The Bans Off Our Bodies Marches

The protestors truly showed out!

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Streets across the United States were flooded with tens of thousands of people on Saturday, May 14, and for good reason. A couple weeks after a Supreme Court leak revealed a majority ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-choice protestors from all over America banded together in organized marches to express their dissent. To get their message across, the marches featured clever, punny signs that highlighted the importance of the issue. You probably missed some of the best signs from the May 14 Bans Off Our Bodies pro-choice marches because there were so many, so here are all the best ones that’ll get you fired up to fight for abortion rights.

The Bans Off Our Bodies marches were organized by Planned Parenthood and took place in major cities across the United States on May 14, in response to the troubling Supreme Court leak published by Politico on May 2. The leaked draft opinion showed the Supreme Court striking down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in a a five-to-four majority vote. The ruling is not yet official, but if it goes through as shown in the leaked draft, then it would revoke the ruling that a woman’s right to abortion is protected under the U.S. Constitution.

To protest the alarming draft opinion, protestors from all over the U.S. took to the streets on May 14 — New York City’s march alone reported over 10,000 participants. And of course, each of those tens of thousands of marchers came equipped with a sign. Some were pretty straightforward, but many of the posters really went for the jugular with biting wit and clever puns.

There were a ton of fun pop culture references, ranging from lots of The Handmaid’s Tale to events as recent as the Oscars slap.

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In general, the protestors truly brought it with punny insults and brutal shots at the hypocrisy of it all.

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Some celebrities even got in on the sign-making and marched. One of the best signs came from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who quoted her own Veep character Selina Meyer.

Since the Supreme Court has yet to make their draft opinion official, hopefully the tens of thousands of marchers were able to send the judges a powerful message about how passionately so many Americans will fight for abortion rights.