Resurfaced Details Of Sherri Papini's Past Have Experts Doubting Her Kidnapping

by Alexandra Strickler
Facebook/Shasta County Sheriff's Office

As new details of Sherri Papini's past begin to surface, some are questioning whether she was really kidnapped and beaten back in November.

The 34-year-old mother of two made headlines after she was reportedly abducted by two women on November 2 while she was out jogging.

When the California woman was found in the early hours of Thanksgiving day, she had been bound with restraints and was brutally beaten.

However, past reports of Papini's conduct are now coming to light and casting doubt on the story of her kidnapping.

According to The Sacramento Bee, 13 years before Papini told Shasta County detectives she was abducted and tortured by two female kidnappers, her mother called the same law enforcement officials to tell them her daughter was harming herself and blaming the injuries on her.

Loretta Graeff's claims were documented in a December 2003 Shasta County Sheriff's Office incident report. However, the report does not specify whether the department ever found any evidence that a then-21-year-old Papini had actually harmed herself, let alone blamed it on her mother.


Apparently, though, Graeff's call was not the only one made to law enforcement officials.

In 2000, Papini's father, Richard Graeff, alleged his daughter had burglarized his home. That same year, Papini's sister, Sheila Koester, claimed her back door had been kicked in, and she named Papini as a suspect.

Then, in 2003, Richard alleged Papini had made unauthorized withdrawals from his checking account.

But these incident reports provide no details at all about any arrests made in connection with these allegations, and neither the Graeffs nor Koester have commented on these past details.

Shasta County Sheriff's Office

Investigators have generally provided very few details following the 34-year-old mother's reappearance near Interstate 5 in Yolo County on Thanksgiving morning.

All we really know is Papini told investigators she was kidnapped at gunpoint by two Hispanic women who chopped off her hair, beat her and seared a brand into her skin before releasing her on the side of the road.

No arrests have been made since then, and no motive for her abduction has been disclosed.

This week, Shasta County sheriff's Lt. Pat Kropholler declined to answer questions surrounding the incident. According to The Sacramento Bee, he only said a detective has been assigned to the case full time, and the agency is "in contact with the Papinis on a regular basis."

Shasta County Sheriff's Office

Kropholler wrote in an email to The Sacramento Bee,

The Papini case is still active and the investigation is ongoing. I realize there is a lot of interest in Mrs. Papini and the details of her case. However, I am sure you can understand the necessity of maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Please be assured that when it is appropriate to release any further information regarding this case we will do so.

As of now, search warrants issued as part of the investigation remain sealed.

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