Police Investigate Racist Post in Sherri Papini Case

Police on the hunt for Sherri Papini's kidnappers are investigating a racist blog post written under her name.

The 2003 post on Skinheadz.com, which is no longer active, included Sherri's maiden name, Graeff.

The author of the post details numerous confrontations with Latinos at school and a fight in which she broke a girl's nose and "split her eyebrow" after a volleyball game.


The author claims to have been bullied because of her German heritage. Part of the post reads,

After the game was over I walked up to the bleachers towards my dad. Just at the moment he turned around, I told the Latinos — nicely, actually — to quit their acting up. Then, one of them called me 'Hitler.' That really teed me off. I don't think I've ever been that mad. I lunged back at her, slamming her head between the bleachers and pounding her face. It took three full-sized men to pull me off her. I broke her nose and split her eyebrow.

It has been claimed by numerous people the post was fabricated. Papini's ex-husband, David Dreyfus, said someone wrote it back in high school as a prank.

Regardless, authorities are investigating.


Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told DailyMail.com,

There was a post under her maiden name of Graeff and that was posted, kind of like a little bit of history of her growing up and then some cruelty that may have occurred to her father and that she was basically proud to be white. It was on some sort of skinheads website. We will be investigating that (racial) aspect of the post but we do not have any information that that post was related to her abduction, one way or the other.

Sherri was released by her captors in Yolo County, California, on Thanksgiving.

The mom told officers she was taken by two hispanic women who spoke in Spanish most of the time.

We reported on December 7 how Sherri's high school friend went missing from the same running trail 18 years ago and has never been found.

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