Your Brazilian Wax Can Make You More Susceptible To STDs

According to science, if there is “grass” on the “field,” there is a good chance “turf” hasn't been “covered” with “LEGIT SYPHILIS.”

It's not uncommon to maintain a tidy undercarriage nowadays. It's actually arguably the norm within the Millennial sect, and we all know why. As it is, genitals look super weird, but when you throw a solid thicket of body shrubbery on top of them, things can look downright scary.

So we trim 'em down in an attempt to make our stuff look presentable.

This maybe not be a great move, though.

Shaving this extra hair could actually be a dangerous play, as the video above explains. Apparently, genital hair removal leads to bumps and open sores, which are in the right locations to be exposed to STD stuff. On top of that, most genital-related ER visits are direct results of trying to clean up that area of the body.

So, next time you pass a display for Norelco in your local pharmacy, remember: Shaving inches off your pubes could shave years off your life.

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